The GC wasn’t winning any fans

Good Morning Britain viewers were left moaning at their TV screens today after an appearance from Gemma Collins.


The Dancing On Ice star joined Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid as a guest entertainment reporter alongside regular entertainment journalist Richard Arnold.

But it wasn’t long before viewers took to social media to vent their annoyance at her appearance on the show, claiming they were switching off their TV’s following Piers’ constant praise of The GC.



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Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: ‘Piers Morgan sucking up to GC what’s his agenda? Obviously ratings. #gmb.’

And there were plenty other tweets…

Gemma even went as far as to brand herself Piers’ new ‘TV wife’ in a clip of her and Piers being sweet to each other posted on her Instagram.

Earlier in the show, Gemma thanked Piers for his support, telling him: ‘I love you so much. I want to treat you to a holiday.

‘I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for you to get behind me, you’re such a powerful voice.

‘To have you speak up for me, it’s boosted by confidence.’

But things took an uncomfortable turn after Gemma and Piers started to discuss her sex life.

Admitting she is raunchier in the bedroom, with boyfriend James ‘Arg’ Argent, as her alter-ego The GC than she is as herself, Gemma told Piers: ‘I always thought I wanted a silver fox like yourself.

‘You’re still gorgeous, I always wanted an older man but the older I’ve got the younger I want them.

‘I think someone like yourself, you could educate me because you’re an older man, you’ve got more experience.

‘But when you’re an older woman going out with a younger man you’ve got that power over them.’

Piers then asked if Gemma liked to be in control in the bedroom, and she said: ‘Funny enough when I’m The GC I’m in control, when I’m Gemma Arg is in control… GC’s probably a bit more crazy where Gemma is more romantic.’