After the pair had seemingly called it a day, Perrie Edwards has defied the split rumours in the BEST way!

When it comes to life, we think its safe to say that one ‘gal who has it all clued up is Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards. Like, c’mon… whatever is thrown her way, she’s got it in check.

And so, although we were slightly concerned to hear the rumours of a cool-off on her romance with footballer Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, we knew she’d be right as rain just like always…

Viva Las Vegas ✌🏻️

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Over the past week, fans had become slightly concerned that Pez had seemingly deleted some of the snaps of her budding romance with Alex from social media. And, what with this being 2017 and all that, this is understandably a bit of a relationship red flag.

Fear not, however, as it turns out the pair are very much still on- with Pez silencing the rumour mill in potentially the best way ever… WITH A PARISIAN COUPLE SELFIE!

If you’ve gotta’ confirm the status of your relationship, heck… you might as darn well do it in front of the flipping Eiffel Tower. Simply captioned ‘Him’, we’re deffo taking the whole ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ with this one…


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The pair, who became Insta-offish earlier last month after reportedly hooking up back in November of last year, certainly seem to be in top form- with a source telling The Sun that Perrie’s Insta photo-cull was more to do with privacy matters.

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The source shares, ‘Perrie wants to keep her love life private and also doesn’t want to be regarded as a stereotypical football WAG’ before adding ‘It’s early days and they’re still getting to know each other so it’s unlikely her stance will change’.

At the time of Perrie and Alex’s relationship coming to press, a source had shared with The Mirror: ‘Things are hotting up between the pair – they love spending time with each other and make each other laugh a lot.’

So yeah-everyone stop sweating, Alex and Perrie are still 100% a thing.  Now, only one thing for it… Plex or Aerrie?

Alice Perry