Gogglebox's Scarlett spills all about boys, beauty and celebrity friends!


Gogglebox is officially BACK!

And to celebrate we only went and spent the afternoon with Scarlett Moffatt to get all the goss on what she’s been up to since the last series.

Scarlett, you’re so tanned! How often do you fake it?
Every other day. After two weeks I have a special scrub day and spend two hours scrubbing my tan off. Then I start again the next day. My dad had skin cancer, so I’m really against sunbeds and I even wear sun cream when the weather isn’t good. Sometimes when my tan starts to come off I look like I’ve got leprosy, but I wear long sleeves so people can’t see it!

Have you got a boyfriend?
No. And I wouldn’t know what to do with one because I’m so busy! If anyone nice came along I’d try to make time for them, but it’s not a priority. When I get free time I want to see friends or family.

What are your mates like?
I knew all my friends before the TV thing came along. I got loads of people coming out of the woodwork and saying things like: ‘Remember once when we had a sleepover when we were seven?’

Are you good at spotting people who want to be your friend just because you’re on TV?
Oh yes. That’s why I’m lucky with my group of friends. There are about 10 of us and we do everything together. You’d have to pass some kind of initiation to get into the group! They never go on about the telly stuff. They don’t even mention it.

Do you go to showbiz parties?
We go to a lot of press launches and they’re fun. But because we’ve all got normal full-time jobs and we just watch the telly, it’s weird when people want photos with you. But it’s fun.

How do you feel about being recognised in the street?
I’m kind of used to it now. It’s a bit mad because I can’t just tie my hair up and run out any more. It’s always when you do that loads of people ask for a photo and it’s all over Facebook. I never thought I’d have to worry about things like that, so it’s weird that I do now.

Do celebs follow you on Twitter?
Yes, it’s bizarre. Jonathan Ross follows me and I sometimes speak to Amanda Holden and Alan Carr on there. Sarah Millican messaged me to see if I wanted to see one of her shows and I speak to Jason Manford all the time. Me and my family met up with him and went to see The Producers. It’s crazy because they’re people I watch on telly and really like. The fact they even know who I am is so strange. I still can’t get my head around it.

What’s your favourite TV dinner?
Anything Italian, like pizza and pasta. And I like any sort of wine. All wine!

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