The girls were slated by viewers for making jokes about the #MeToo movement


Gogglebox sisters Ellie and Izzi Warner seemingly hit back at the backlash they received for making jokes about the #MeToo movement as they slated those who ‘complain’.

During the most recent instalment of the smash hit Channel 4 show, the Yorkshire based siblings tuned in to BBC news, which featured complaint about presenter Naga Munchetty’s after she spoke out about Donald Trump telling four female congresswomen to “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came.”

Commenting on their viewing, Ellie asked her sister, “Who’s got time on their hands to complain?”

“Retired people, people who have got time to watch TV at 6 in the morning,” Izzi responded.


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Gogglebox fans had previously called for the pair to be axed from the programme, after they were seen making jokes about the #MeToo sexual assault movement.

Ellie described a game of tag she had played with her friends based around the trend, explaining that the aim was to chase each other and grab people’s “boobs or bums” with those caught shouting “me too”.

Following the girls’ slamming of complainers, Gogglebox viewers took to Twitter to have their say.

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Wonder if Izzi’s comment there about people having too much time on their hands to complain is a 🖕🏻 to people who complained about her and Ellie #Gogglebox,’ one pondered, while a second agreed, ‘I felt that Ellie and Izzy were hitting out at the haters there gan on lasses #Gogglebox.’

A third Tweeter continued to back the girls, chipping in, ‘Have to say that I am disgusted at the comments aimed at sisters Ellie and Izzy from @gogglebox these girls are funny, intelligent and a good part of what makes the show great! Keep doing what you do girls haters gonna hate!

Later a more irritated fan wrote, ‘#Gogglebox need to bin Ellie and Izzie. All of their opinions are uneducated and rude. Bored of them 🤫.