Steph and Dom Parker are one of our favourite couples on channel 4's Gogglebox - but what are their secrets to a long and happy marriage?

Gogglebox posh couple Steph, 49, and Dom Parker, 50 have been married for a whopping 17 years. They met on a blind date and they both admit that it was love at first sight. Nearly 20 years later the pair are as happy and as loved-up as ever.

On a Friday night it’s rare we see them without a drink in their hands! But what does it take to make a marriage last? They have given us a sneak peek into their life together and have revealed their very own ‘relationship rules.’

Considering they always look so close and cosy with each other (and with their miniature pooch, Gigi), it may come as a shock to most that they sleep in separate beds! Steph said: ‘Sanity is vital to surviving a relationship. It is important both partners receive adequate rest.

‘Having separate rooms will not impinge on your sex life. Uneventful sleep is a necessity for a happy marriage and must never be compromised!’

Of course when you have as many bedrooms as Steph and Dom do, you’d be spoilt for choice because their house is as posh as their vocabulary. It is technically a B&B, but it’s definitely not like the cheap bed and breakfast you squat in for a night out in Blackpool. It is a listed mansion with 17 rooms, three private cottages, endless acres of garden and is loooked after by no less than 36 staff! When can we move in?


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If their fancy home looks familiar to some – there’s a reason! It landed on the front pages of the tabloids earlier this year when it was uncovered that a swingers party had taken place there – awkward!

When asked if they had ever been tempted by such shenanigans, Dom said: ‘Fundamentally, hand on heart, on my children’s lives, we are not swingers. I’ve no desire to get my giblets out in front of anybody except my wife!’

To which Steph added: ‘And if you’ve seen his giblets, you’d know that no one would want to’.

If you aren’t an avid Gogglebox watcher (we are judging you), you might also recognise the couple from the reality show Four In A Bed, or from their very public one-off TV show in which they had ex UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, stay in their home and interviewed him. Dom confessed if he was to pick anybody else to interview he’d choose Jimmy Saville! ‘I’d like to have a…few words with him.’

Steph and Dom also reckon it’s great to constantly hold hands, tell your partner when they look fat and skype each other in the pub when sipping on a much needed Baileys. It certainly sounds like their marriage is a hoot!

Alice Murray