Gogglebox stars Steph and Dom talk date nights, drunken fallouts and love at second sight

Ever since they shot to fame on Channel 4’s Gogglebox, ‘posh couple’ Steph and Dom have kept us entertained with their laugh-out-loud one-liners while quaffing a variety of beverages from their well-stocked drinks cabinet. Now caught up with the famous pair – and sausage dog Gigi – at their very plush B&B The Salutation in Kent. Crunchy gravel driveway, ornate wooden doors, a gold bell on the reception desk – even the loo roll ends are folded into a fancy point. Oh, how the other half live! But Steph, 49, and Dom, 51, who have two children aged 12 and 15, protest they’re not ‘posh’ at all…


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Hi Steph and Dom! Would you say you’re actually posh?

Dom: We think we’re normal Kentish people. I don’t like the word posh. It’s rather derogatory.


Have you met any of Royals?

D: Well, we met Prince Andrew. He was charming – lovely.

Steph: Oh, I thought you were going with Princess Anne.
D: We’re big Royalists – they’re the best thing us Brits have got going for us. Great bunch.


So how did you two meet?

S: It was love at second sight funnily enough, but at the second sighting, we didn’t realise that we’d had the first sighting.

D: Yeah, we had a blind date 10 years after we first met.
S: We first met in the New Forest when I rented a property Dom was managing for its owners. I thought he was rather yummy at the time but he had someone and I had someone. I never forgot him and 10 years later, there you go.


Do you have date nights?

S: Gogglebox has been our date night for the last couple of years. To have the luxury of being able to sit on this sofa watching the telly, door shut, phone off – it’s been a Brucie bonus for us.


As huge telly fans, are there any shows you can’t stand?

S: What were we talking about the other day? Made In Chelsea, Made In Essex – those things. Literally, utterly can’t bear it.
D: I was watching about 15 minutes of it with my daughter, and I thought: ‘It’s rubbish!’ I’m not one for hospital shit either – blood, guts and gore.


So not Embarrassing Bodies?

D: Not a big fan of that.

S: Why would you go on national telly and show the world your massive bollock?


Are your children – who are at boarding school – embarrassed that you’re on TV?

S: I don’t think they care much.


What type of parents are you?

S: I let my daughter watch The Inbetweeners – I’m amazing.


You’re famous for your love of a tipple, but have you ever had any drunken fallouts?

S: Dom locked me out in the garden once and left the building.
D: I was obviously not happy about something. It seemed like a good idea at the time.


What’s the worst thing you’ve done when you’re drunk?

S: Fall off the bloody sofa, frankly.

D: We don’t strip off in public.

S: Once I went for supper and the host wore white socks with shoes. I got hammered, took off his socks and threw them in his fire.


Wow! What’s your fave tipple?

D: It depends on the time of day.

S: On the plane I like a Bloody Mary, on holiday in a bar it would be Long Island Iced Tea and I’ve suddenly got into espresso martinis. Holy moly, I love them.


Are any of your friends teetotal?

D: [Huge pause] Evidently not.

S: I don’t think so. Your ex was teetotal, wasn’t she, Dom?

D: Not originally, but I probably drove her to sobriety.

S: One of our friends is teetotal for health reasons. We don’t see him much. If someone asks for water, normally I’ll ask them to leave.


Your B&B’s beautiful. Have you had any famous guests?

D: Meryl Streep.


Wow! What’s she like?

S: Divine.

D: Absolutely charming.

S: She’s a very slight, small lady – a little wee woman.


Tell us why you’ve written your guide to life…

S: So many people come to stay and they’ll say: ‘Oh my God my favourite quote was this.’ They were all so different.

D: We seem to have some very funny stories, slightly unusual things that have happened.


Have you given out copies to your friends?

D: No! They can buy them like everybody else [laughs].


If we really did live our lives like Steph and Dom… what would happen?

D: I’d lift the smoking ban – I think that should be by choice, not by law.

S: There should be a Steph and Dom day.

D: I think I’d also stop weekend trading.

S: Jeez, I wouldn’t. I’d extend it!

D: Probably drop the tax on booze and fags as well – too much tax on both of them.

S: I’d make sure that old people couldn’t drive after a certain point. That’s it. Hand over your keys, you can’t drive any more.


Steph And Dom’s Guide To Life is out NOW! (£14.99, Coronet). Catch them at the Radio Times Festival at Hampton Court, London, on 26 September