Do NOT watch Gone Girl with your mum and dad like I did!

Much has been said about the gory nature and dark subject matter of psychological thriller Gone Girl – a racy story about a marriage gone very, very wrong.

What has been less talked about are the VERY steamy sex scenes – the boobs, the oral sex and TWO apparent penis sightings, one of Ben Affleck‘s no less. And of course the very famous boobs of Emily Ratajkowski get a starring role, twice.

Here’s our guide to the six steamy sex scenes in Gone Girl that will leave you very hot under the collar and blushing to high heaven – even though you are sat in the dark. And don’t end up watching it while sat next to your mum and dad like I did.

1. Ben Affleck‘s character Nick Dunne performing oral sex on wife Amy (played by Rosamund Pike). As a flashback to love’s young dream we are given plenty of insight into the passion between Nick and Amy at the start of their marriage. Seeing Ben bury his head in Rosamund’s crotch is a sit up and take notice moment a few minutes in.

2. Still illustrating that the fires are burning away, we are treated to a steamy scene between Ben and Rosamund‘s characters, in a library. Knickers around her ankles she’s splayed on a table, with books strewn everywhere and a librarian in the next aisle peering through the bookshelf. You get the picture…

3. As their romance wanes a bit we’re treated to Nick and Amy, again. This time he’s taking her roughly from behind against a mirror as she grimaces at her reflection. Bit grim.

4. Blurred Lines model Emily Ratajkowski gets her brilliant boobs out for Ben Affleck‘s character. Twice. Said boobs later get a shout out by Amy. A LOL moment.

5. During a moment of heated passion between Amy and her stalker – played by handsome actor Neil Patrick Harris – we’re treated to a close-up of his buns. Some claim there’s a flash of his manhood too. I think I blinked at this point. Don’t make the same mistake I did, eyes wide open, people, just in case…

6. Apparently Ben Affleck‘s penis also has a starring role during a shower scene at the end. Twitter lit up after the US premiere with people using #Dickgate all over the shop. So this penis sighting has a lot more sway than the first one. Although blogs containing step-by-step instructions on how to see Ben‘s pee pee have popped up (no pun intended) some are still unconvinced it gets any screen time at all. By this point I might have had my eyes firmly shut to spare any more blushes as I saw nothing. Perhaps a second viewing is in order. This time with a girly pal.

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