Emily Ratajkowski stuns in London as she promotes her debut movie Gone Girl

She made Robin Thicke‘s slightly inappropriate single Blurred Lines just about bearable after stealing the spotlight when she starred in the music video.

And now actress Emily Ratajkowski is taking the title of style queen as she takes over London to promote her debut film Gone Girl, out on DVD now.

Stepping out on Monday night at the Ace Hotel, in a celebration ahead of Sunday’s British Academy Film Awards, wearing a silky yellow cowl neck knee length dress – all eyes were on Emily as she oozed elegance.

Poor Millie Mackintosh and Ella Eyre couldn’t even get a look in.

Speaking of her role in the movie, Emily hails her co-star Ben Affleck with director David Fincher, and their advice as great guidance while completing her first blockbuster hit.

She said: ‘They taught me a few tricks and gave me advice that will be useful in the future. Now I’m receiving many interesting offers, but I want to be very careful with my career as an actress.’

Emily explains it hasn’t all been glitz and glam since her British arrival though.

Since stepping off the plane, she completed a gruelling 12 hours of back-to-back interviews including a chat with Sarah Jane Crawford before returning to her hotel and sharing some snaps of the winter sun and London skyline.

Taking to her Twitter page, Emily wrote: ‘This is my shit-I’m-so-jet-lagged-&-have-done-12-interviews face. But srsly, I AM happy to be here,’ followed by a picture where she strikes a supermodel pose in a black dress.

While on the subject of fashion, Emily has also gushed, ‘Brit people do street style the best’ after being ‘inspired by everyone’ since arriving onto our very streets.

And on behalf of the Great British public, thank you Em. It’s nice to know our efforts don’t go unnoticed by superstars.

You ain’t too bad yourself!

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