Claudia Winkleman's daughter suffered burns after her costume caught fire, but is now on the mend according to Tess Daly

She took leave last month to nurse her daughter Matilda after an accident, but Strictly Come Dancing presenter Claudia Winkleman‘s little girl is now ‘doing so so well’, according to her friend and co-host Tess Daly.

Tess, 45, revealed that Matilda, eight, is ‘improving hugely’ after the shock burn in an accident on Halloween, and told The Mirror of her concern for friend and fellow presenter Claudia.

‘My heart went out to her as a mother and a friend,’ Tess said. ‘It was difficult and I just wanted to know she was OK and Matilda was OK.’

She added that Matilda improved so much she’d even been well enough to play with her own daughters.

‘Our kids had a play day together last week and she is doing so so well. They were running and playing hide and seek. She is doing really well now which is great,’ Tess said.

Claudia and Tess have won fans over with their genuine chemistry while presenting Strictly Come Dancing, and Tess was eager to stress that their friendship was just as strong off-screen.

‘We have an absolute blast, our dressing rooms are next to each other,’ Tess told the newspaper. ‘We are in and out all the time, we joke it’s like Stella Street, going in each other’s rooms for lunch and gossiping about the show. I love working with [Claudia].’

Matilda was injured after her Halloween costume caught fire, and Claudia took three weeks out of her presenting role to stay by her daughter’s bedside. Tess was full of praise for her stand-in Zoe Ball, saying there was ‘no one more qualified’ to cover for Claudia.

‘We had to do what we had to do under those circumstances,’ she said. ‘Zoe came in and she was brilliant. She is part of the family and a joy to work with, a total pro. There was no one more qualified to stand in.’

Claudia‘s return to Strictly at the end of November saw her greeted with a standing ovation. We’re pleased to hear that Matilda is on the mend.

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