Couple think it will be good for their kids


Gordon Ramsay and wife Tana are thinking about relocating to the States.

The couple’s marriage came under the spotlight in November when author Sarah Symonds, 38, claimed that she had a 7-year affair with the TV chef.

Now Tana, 34, and Gordon, 42, who denied the allegation, are hoping to put the media speculation behind them.

Tana reckons their kids Megan, 10, twins Jack and Holly, 8, and Tilly, 6, will benefit from the move.

‘I’m filming a TV show in the US,’ Tana explains. ‘It could be the start of something special.

‘Our children are settled in the UK, but the US has some great schools. I don’t see why a bit of both would hurt them.’

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Alison Adey