Celebrity chef sets record straight

Gordon Ramsay has spoken out about author Sarah Symonds’ claims that they had a steamy affair.

The father of four, 42, who married wife Tana, 34, in 1996, doesn’t deny he and Sarah were aquaintances, but insists that’s as far as their relationship went.

‘Did I know her? Yes, of course,’ Gordon admits. ‘She’d met Tana for God’s sake. But did I have a torrid 7-year affair with her? Did I f**k!

‘It is all crap. She’s deluded. Not a stalker, exactly, but that sort of thing. Everywhere I go – the US, even bloody Reykjavik – she is there the next day, trying to flog her book.’

Gordon admits Tana was badly affected by all the publicity.

‘She’s had to deal with all this crap when she’d done absolutely nothing wrong,’ he tells Weekend Magazine.

‘When she flew to the US to be with me, she was suddenly called a limpet and people said she was afraid to trust me. it got to the point that she wanted us to sell up and leave Britain for good.’




Anna Temby