Celeb chef doesn't want to end up doing washing up ads

Gordon Ramsay has no plans to let up on his hectic schedule, despite earning millions from his TV career and restaurant empire.

‘I don’t know what I’d do if I retired,’ he says. ‘Do people really want to see me retire and start doing Fairy Liquid adverts? Do the washing up? Kiss my ice cubes.’

Gordon, 40, says another reason he won’t quit is that he likes to prove his critics wrong.

‘People are surprised I put myself through all the criticism I receive,’ he tells the Daily Star. ‘But I love the challenge of proving everyone wrong.’

The chef has several restaurants in the UK as well as in America, and is the star of TV shows including Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and the US version of Hell’s Kitchen.

Fellow chef Ainsley Harriott, 51, is the face of Fairy Liquid.

See a classic Fairy Liquid ad in this video…

Gordon Ramsay: Marco Pierre White is welcome to my sloppy seconds>
Marco Pierre White: I didn’t make Gordon Ramsay weep, he chose to cry>>
Marco Pierre White: It’s irresistibly sexy when a woman is in the kitchen>>
Nigella Lawson: I don’t want to be some kitchen blow-up sex doll>>
Nigella Lawson doesn’t wear knickers>>
Nigella Lawson: My husband loves my wobbly bits>>
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Nigella Lawson: I like my men hairy>>
Nigella Lawson: Sometimes I don’t wear knickers>>
Nigella Lawson: John Terry and Frank Lampard make me swoon>>
Chef Marco’s marriage on the rocks?>>
Marco Pierre White: I’ve never been in love>>
Marco Pierre White: I love it when people shout at me>>

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