The chef has slimmed down

Gordon Ramsay has revealed that he shed 2st after some gentle encouragement from wife Tana.

The chef – who’s slimmed down from 16st to 14st – decided to get in shape so that he could see the bottom half of his body following Tana’s hints.

‘Tana advised me I was putting on weight,’ says Gordon, 47.

‘She wanted me to get out of bed every morning and stand up and be able to look at my meat and two veg.

‘I’ve now got my six-pack back. It’s gone from two to four to six. She put me on a strict diet.

‘Every day she made me stand on those scales. She closed our kitchen down and turned it into a utility room.

‘That’s like your wife driving your car every day and burning the clutch. The fridge was empty then. Now the fridge is full of coconut water.’

Gordon’s healthy new regime combines a low-fat diet with workout sessions but Tana insists she didn’t force him into anything.

‘I gently mentioned that maybe he was getting a bit rounded,’ Tana, 39, quips to Entertainment Tonight.

‘I didn’t put him on a diet.’

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Anna Francis