TV chef says troubled Ronald needs to do it on his own

Gordon Ramsay says it’s time for his troubled younger brother to sort out his own life.

The TV chef – who has paid for 6 rehab stints for Ronald – says his sibling has got to want to kick his drug habit himself.

‘Right now, it’s tough love,’ Gordon tells US chat show host Larry King, ‘I cannot continue funding. It’s not helping him.

‘They [addicts] have to reach an all-time rock bottom…. They’ve got to have that self belief that they’re strong enough to fight it.’

Ronald, 39, was jailed for 10 months and fined £25 this month after being charged with possessing a small amount of heroin in Bali last February.

Now Gordon, 40, and his family – who have always given Ronald ‘110 per cent support, love and affection’ – say he has to take responsibility for his own well-being.

‘He has to find that strength inside,’ says Gordon. ‘Anyone using drugs anywhere in the world has a choice. It’s not a disease.’

Alison Adey