Celeb chef thought about selling his house

Gordon Ramsay has revealed that he came close to losing his chain of restaurants.

Accountancy firm KPMG drew up plans for the company to go into administration because his overseas eateries were making a loss.

‘Ambition overtook me,’ says Gordon, 42. ‘We thought we could do anything, that we could not fail.’

But Gordon and his father-in-law Chris Hutcheson have managed to turn things round by investing £5million of their own money into the business.

The Kitchen Nightmares star even sold his prized Ferrari to raise extra funds.

‘God, I loved that Ferarri,’ he tells The Sunday Times. ‘[My wife] Tana and I discussed selling our house.

‘But I couldn’t let down my staff and suppliers.

‘It’s taken several million pounds of my own money with several millions to come but I’m still standing.’

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