But Chris Hutcheson will remain a shareholder in Gordon Ramsay Holdings

Gordon Ramsay and his father-in-law have ended their 12-year working partnership. 

Chris Hutcheson has quit as CEO of Gordon Ramsay Holdings.

While he will no longer be involved in the day-to-day running of the company, the 62-year-old will remain a shareholder. 

Gordon, 44 – who married wife Tana in 1996 – is now seeking a new CEO.

‘We can confirm that Chris Hutcheson has left his position as CEO of Gordon Ramsay Holdings Ltd,’ reads a statement.

‘He retains an interest in the business as a shareholder. Interim management will be put in place while the search begins for a full-time replacement.

‘We would like to Chris for all his efforts and support in helping to build and grow GRH over the last 12 years.’

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