TV presenter doesn't think he'll have work done

Graham Norton thinks men who have their faces injected with Botox look ridiculous.

The TV presenter, who decided not to have any work done when he turned 50 last month, has criticised the likes of Simon Cowell for having the treatment.

‘Botox on men looks really stupid,’ says Graham.

‘I hope Simon Cowell kept his receipt. I have thought about getting my eye bags done but when I turned 50 last month, I thought, “I’ve earned these.”‘

Graham, who’s been in a relationship with software designer Trevor Patterson for almost two years, admits that being on TV makes him pay more attention to his appearance.

‘TV can be a very cruel mirror,’ the chat show host tells TV Magazine.

‘You see yourself on telly bending down and there’s a bulge here or a roll of fat under your arm. It’s pretty grim.

‘If I wasn’t on telly, I would be as fat as a fool!’

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Anna Francis