Take a look at what the cast have been doing since their school days

It’s hard to believe that Grange Hill began 37 years ago.

Not only that, but the BBC children’s show ended after an impressive 30-year run in 2008. Which is SEVEN years ago. Er, is it just us or is time going really fast?

Over the three decades Grange Hill was on our screens for, hundreds of actors playing both students and staff passed through the school’s doors.

But arguably the most well-remembered characters are those we watched at the start of the series, back in the late 1970s and 1980s.

Ever wondered what kids such as Zammo, Tucker, Fay and Gripper are up to now? We’ve done some digging to see where they’ve been since their Grange Hill days…

Todd Carty – Peter ‘Tucker’ Jenkins (1978-1982)

A Grange Hill original, Tucker became one of the programme’s most popular characters ever. So much so that Todd, now 51, starred in spin-off Tucker’s Luck from 1983-1985.

Todd later became a household name as Mark Fowler in EastEnders before playing villain copper PC Gabriel Kent in The Bill.

Still acting, he’s also dabbled in directing and producing. And who can forget him competing in the 2009 series of Dancing On Ice?!

Alison Bettles – Fay Lucas (1982-1987)

Sporty Fay sparked some serious drama when she began a relationship with teacher Mr King. Eek! In real life, Alison, 45, is married with four children.

Her kids have followed her into acting, with sons Albert and Arthur nabbing roles in Doctor Who and EastEnders.

Alison has also set up a freight business.

Erkan Mustafa – Roland Browning (1982-1987)

Poor Roland had a tough time as the target of bully Gripper Stebson. But after leaving Grange Hill, Erkan, 44, enjoyed success in shows such as Chef! and Blackadder’s Christmas Carol.

He continues to make public appearances, occasionally with his old co-star Lee MacDonald.

Terry Sue Patt – Benny Green (1978-1982)

Trivia time! Benny was the first pupil EVER seen on Grange Hill. He got the job after being spotted playing football in a local park.

Later appearing alongside Gary Oldman in 1989 flick The Firm, Terry hasn’t been on television since the 90s. However, he was still acting as recently as 2012.

Nowadays, the 50-year-old paints and exhibits stencil pieces.

George Armstrong – Alan Humphries (1978-1982)

As rebellious Alan, 52-year-old George also appeared in Grange Hill spin-off Tucker’s Luck with Todd Carty.

He gave up acting in the 1980s but is since said to have worked as a technical theatre manager at a public school (just couldn’t stay away from the classroom, eh?).

He’s met up with his old castmates at a number of Grange Hill reunions.

Lee MacDonald – Zammo McGuire (1982-1987)

Now 46, Lee‘s character was the subject of one of Grange Hill‘s most prominent storylines when he battled a serious heroin addiction.

Thanks to this, the cast released anti-drugs single Just Say No in 1986.

Still in the public eye, Lee has turned up on reality shows Cirque de Celebrité and Celebrity Scissorhands. He also runs a locksmith and key-cutting shop in Surrey.

Mark Savage – Norman ‘Gripper’ Stebson (1981-1985)

As Gripper, Mark Savage was Grange Hill‘s most feared bully. In fact, he’s been voted as one of television’s top 10 villains!

Happily, he’s said to have been ‘very popular’ among cast and crew in real life.

Mark still acts, appearing in movie Dangerous Minds Of A Hooligan last year. He also co-runs film company Nw6 Films.

Susan Tully – Suzanne Ross (1981-1984)

Recognise Susan? After leaving Grange Hill, the 46-year-old played Todd Carty‘s on-screen sister Michelle Fowler in EastEnders.

Now known as Sue Tully, she’s become a very successful director. Shows she’s been involved in include Silent Witness and Secret Diary Of A Call Girl.

John Alford – Robbie Wright (1985-1991)

After Robbie Wright finished his exams, John, 43, stayed a household name with his part as fireman Billy Ray in London’s Burning

He enjoyed a short-lived singing career in the 90s, with songs such as Smoke Gets In Your Eyes and Blue Moon/Only You, before continuing with acting.

In 2005, he competed on reality show Trust Me… I’m A Beauty Therapist.

Michael Cronin – Mr ‘Bullet’ Baxter (1979-1986)

Let’s not forget the Grange Hill staff! Before playing PE teacher Baxter, Michael had already been performing for a number of years. 

In his 70s, Michael is still in the industry as both an actor and screenwriter. He recently starred as Geoffrey of Monmouth in BBC’s Merlin.

Aside from this, he’s written three children’s books.

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Anna Duff