Will the current seagull crisis ruin the new series of the Great British Bake Off?

The Great British Bake Off is finally back.

And is under threat from the influx of ‘killer’ seagulls currently sweeping across the country.

Fire fighter Mat Riley, 37, from London who’ll be competing this series – alongside THIS bunch of hopefuls – revealed to the Daily Star: ‘my main fear would be if a bird flew in through the window. I’m not a fan of birds.’

And with the whole show being filmed outside in a marquee in Berkshire, it sounds like it won’t just be a ‘soggy bottom’ the contestants will have to contend with.

This news comes just days after our country’s leading seagull expert warns their population has ‘quadrupled’ in recent times, after a series of savage attacks up and down the country.

Where as the feral beasts used to live predominatly out at sea and survive mainly on fish, this isn’t the case any more as they’re coming more and more inland.

This summer alone they’ve pecked two small dogs to death in Cornwall, and left an elderly lady bleeding from the head after another attack nearby. It has also been reported how ‘psycho seagulls are keeping out illegals’ after they’ve started swooping into migrant camps in Calais too.

Simon Cowell is currently leading the celebrities backing change to tackle the problem, he recently warned a packed out Wembley arena after they left an X Factor recording: ‘There is a seagull problem in this country right now. I am getting a crash helmet designed for my dogs.’

YouTube star Zoella also recently narrowly escaped a potentially fatal attack with her dog Nala, after a bird swooped dangerously low while walking along the Brighton seafront.

What do you make of the seagull crisis? It certainly makes #BinGate look like a walk in the park…