Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are back for this year’s series of The Great British Bake Off

The sunshine’s been around, the temperature’s been high and life’s generally been grand. But there’s been a void in our lives and we couldn’t figure out why.

Until now that is: Crème patisserie and soggy bottoms were missing in our lives, but not for much longer – The Great British Bake Off is back people!

And we can’t think of a better way for our favourite quintessentially British TV show to return, than with a baking-theme version of the Sound of Music classic, The Hills are Alive with the sound of Music – sorry, we mean, baking.

So here are 6 things we learnt from the 40 second clip the musical masterpiece:

1.) Mary Berry is a pro at lip-syncing
Just LOOK at the passion she’s putting into mouthing those words. She’s crinkling her eyebrows with emotion and she’s throwing her arms up in the air – which are dressed in a token Mezza B brightly coloured blazer of course. Forget any lip-sync battles you’ve whiled away the evening watching on YouTube, Mary Berry beats them all.

2.) Paul is REALLY passionate about bread
Now, we know that Paul Hollywood LOVES bread. He kneads and goes on about it enough on the show, and we love seeing him punch and stretch that dough. But, we just didn’t realise just quite how much he loved that carby, crunchy goodness. If we ever found our other half looking so in love while sniffing a baguette, we’d have questions.

3.) Mel and Sue are basically us
And we’re Mel and Sue. When it comes to cake and pastry, it stirs up some pretty strong feelings within us, which is exactly what it seems like it did to Mel and Sue. Also, these two cheeky scamps are also sneaking bits of cut-offs to chomp on and offering to taste test icing, which is EXACTLY what we would do if we were in their position and surrounded by all that yumminess. We like your style ladies – carry on.

4.) Mary is fitter than us
Mary Berry is the coolest grandma around, and at 80-years-old, she’s sprinting and skipping up that hill effortlessly and with ease. Definitely a lot more elegant than we would be if we were crawling up that slight incline, getting out of breath and working up a sweat. Which way’s the gym again?

5.) Paul’s singing is, erm, unique
After listening to the angelic tones of Mary Berry, Paul comes in at the end to finish off the whole song. We’re expecting something anthemic. Something bassy. Something with gravitas. It is Paul Hollywood after all. But, erm, what comes out of his mouth is an odd accent and sounds like he’s a bit bunged up with a cold. Not only does our fave Scouse baker provide us with freshly baked bread, but also LOLs aplenty. Someone get the man some Lemsip though maybe…

6.) This is essential to our lives
We didn’t realise we were missing this in our lives until we saw it and now we don’t know how we ever lived without it. With Maz Baz’s face lighting up when the rest of the GBBO crew reunites with her (100% squad goals by the way – can we be part of the gang please?) And we feel just as excited as Mary now that we’re going to be reunited with our favourite show on telly.

We’ve got the kettle on, the biscuits are baked and we’re ready for the sea of innuendos – welcome back GBBO!

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Amy Lo