Flora Shedden is becoming quite the celebrity in her home town, and she's finding the attention difficult

Oh, the celebrity life. It’s all booze and parties – or, if you’re Flora Shedden of the Great British Bake Off fame, being smuggled out of pubs with a coat on your head.

According to Flora’s former boss Hugh Green, who owns a gallery in Perth, Scotland, all the attention is getting a bit too much for the young baking star. He told The Sun: ‘It’s a small town and she gets stopped all the time. She was in a pub in St Andrews last week and her flatmate threw her coat over her head and smuggled her out. She’s a real, proper celebrity.’

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While some TV starlets would revel in the attention, Flora, 19, has been finding it all a bit much. She previously said she needs ‘lots of G&Ts’ to help ease the pressure of filming. We have to say, boozy baking sounds like fun!

It seems like the biggest thing that’s getting to Flora is the fact that she can’t just enjoy being a university fresher and dress up like a Minion while downing radioactive-looking cocktails like the rest of us, because everybody at her university, St Andrews, recognises her.

She’s just started studying a History Of Art course, and worked for Hugh Green in his gallery before her Bake Off fame.

‘Everyone knows who Flora is [at university] and the pressure is getting to her,’ said another source. Wonder if her flatmates are enjoying her baking skills, though?