Laura Norman accuses the tennis star of shameless betrayal

Greg Norman’s ex-wife says tennis star Chris Evert shamelessly stole her husband.

‘She came after him. I have never seen anything like it,’ says Laura Andrassy, 57, who has dropped the name Norman since their £50million divorce.

‘I would never have thought anyone would be so aggressive in front of me like I didn’t exist. It just turned into a fiasco. I really don’t have a lot of respect for her as a woman.’

Laura, who was married to the Aussie golfer for 25 years, says Chris, 52, started chasing Greg while she was married to his best friend, ex-US skiing champion Andy Mill.

The pair went public with their relationship last December after they were spotted dining in Sydney.

‘Greg’s goal was to be the number one golfer in the world and my goal was to be the best mum,’ reveals Laura to the Daily Mail. ‘I definitely know I accomplished that. I was devoted to Greg in every way.

‘I thought I was the best wife, but I guess I wasn’t.’

Andy, adds: ‘A year and a half ago I’d have taken a bullet for this guy. I didn’t realise he was going to pull the trigger.’

Phil Boucher