Red-hot new daddy-to-be Greg Rutherford tells Now how he met his match

It’s not often that Now gets to be in the company of an actual gold medallist. But today we’re getting up close and personal with long jump Olympian Greg Rutherford, 27, who’s just revealed he’s going to become a dad for the first time with girlfriend Susie Verrill. Aww

‘We kind of met through a friend but got talking on Twitter. Very 21st century,’ Greg tells us.

‘I knew she was the one for me because on our first date I picked her up in my Range Rover and the first thing she said was: “Oh you’re not one of those Range Rover c***s are you?”

‘Yup, she dropped the C-bomb right away, I don’t like people who are easily offended and Susie certainly isn’t.’

Apart from her potty mouth, what else does Greg love about Susie?

‘She can outwit me and I find that really attractive. She can completely stump me by saying something hilarious and intelligent and I think that’s brilliant.

‘I guess that says more about me, though – that I’m not intelligent enough to hold my own.’ [laughs].

Read the full interview with Greg Rutherford in this week’s Now magazine dated 19 May 2014 – download the digital edition now!


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