From four-hour blow dries to having their own lawyers, check out the cute dogs and cats that are earning more than you. Probably


Cancel your mid-week plans and reserve your spot on the sofa – Channel 4’s Star Paws at 9pm tonight looks AMAZING.

The new one-off documentary follows the furry footsteps of some of the web’s most-watched pets and the brands who are making millions from every click. Hollywood – watch out!

* Grumpy Cat has her own lawyer

Yes, really.

Since this sour-faced puss was launched into feline stardom back in 2012, Grumpy Cat has graced various magazine covers and even has her own wall calendar and book (obvs she wrote it herself).

Tonight we witness the Grumpy Cat effect – from teary admirers to devoted fans prepared to wait FOUR HOURS just to shake a paw.

Oh and guess what? She even has her own lawyer. Yup, Kia Kamran who looks after Grumpy Cat’s ‘trademark stuff and intellectual property’. ERM WHAT!?

* Bronte the singing cat’s £300 appearance fee

Remember Bronte, the overnight sensation who sang her little heart out for mobile network Three’s TV ad back in February?

Within a month, Bronte had received over five million YouTube hits and now owner Caroline wants to make the ‘singing kitty’ into a celebrity.

Star Paws documents Bronte’s first public appearance since her metaphoric rise to fame (at £300 a pop!) with one fan claiming that ‘her dreams have now come to life’. Is Bronte the new Bieber?

* Spud, the Dulux dog’s four hour blow drys

The adorable Old English Sheepdog is actually one of two dogs currently playing the infamous role of Dulux Dog.

Having already gained a huge diva rep (he only eats human food and has four-hour blow dries), tonight we follow Spud as he shoots a new catalogue. Because he’s worth it.

* The man behind the Andrex puppies

Without wanting to make your 9-5 even more dreary, tonight we meet Richard Best, a vet who has THE best job ever. Richard spends his days hunting out cute dogs for Andrex adverts! #jealous


Before you tap in ‘make my pet famous’ to Google, do NOT miss Star Paws, on Channel 4 tonightat 9pm.

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Lucy Gornall