Mercy’s arrival has caused a new strain between Guy and Madonna over the welfare of their children


Publicly, Guy Ritchie supported his ex-wife Madonna’s struggle to adopt Mercy James and even said that she was a ‘great mum’.

But now that the four-year-old is finally hers, Guy’s seriously concerned about the impact it’ll have on his children Rocco, eight, and Malawian adopted son David, three.

Not only does he have doubts about how much access he’ll have to the boys, their lives will be turned upside down to accommodate Mercy, who arrived in New York last week.

Just as Mercy joins the family, Madonna will be restarting her world tour in London on 4 July and travelling Europe for seven weeks with the kids in tow, although it’s unclear if Mercy will join them.

Even though she’s touring, Madonna, 50, has told Guy that she’ll allow him access to Rocco and David, but won’t let him keep them full-time as, in her words: ‘They go where I go.’

This leaves Guy facing a dilemma: if he kicks up a fuss, his access may end completely. If he says nothing, Madonna’s travelling and new adoption could affect the welfare of his beloved boys.

One source close to Guy, 40, tells Now: ‘He doesn’t want the children to feel overwhelmed by the situation and the travel. They may feel that they’re not getting as much attention now that Mercy’s here. But he can’t create trouble, otherwise it’ll cause problems for them.

‘Whatever happens, he wants to make sure they know he’s a rock for them and they don’t feel neglected. They have financial support, but he’s keen to make sure they have emotional support as well. The nannies do a lot of the work, but they’re not parents.’

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