Director wants to create most expensive malt in the world


Guy Ritchie is working on creating his own malt whisky.

The director owns The Punch Bowl pub in London’s Mayfair and reckons his experience at the boozer will help him make the perfect drink.

‘Guy is a massive whisky fan and wants to set up his own brand,’ says a source. ‘Since opening The Punch Bowl he has tried some classics.

‘He loves a 33-year-old malt — but reckons he can do better. He wants his to be the ultimate, exclusive whisky brand.

‘He’s into his country pursuits and only drinks whisky in his boozer out of specially-made glasses.

‘Guy loves the idea of coming back in his tweed and deerstalker and sipping his own brand of whisky which is the best in the world.’

And Madonna’s husband, 39, hopes he’ll be able to charge thousands per bottle.

‘He plans to stuff the current top prices with his brand,’ the source tells The Sun.

‘He reckons there are plenty of rich businessmen and rock stars who would pay six figures for the world’s best whisky.’