Star believes family has evil genes

Gwyneth Paltrow believes her family have been cursed by cancer.

The Oscar-winning actress lost her father Bruce to the disease in 2002, both her grandmothers and a cousin who died at the age 23.

Gwyneth, 34, who is married to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, is hoping her vegan diet will keep her healthy.

Speaking at an international anti-cancer campaign last night, she said: ‘I am challenging these evil genes by natural means. I am convinced that by eating biological foods it is possible to avoid tumours.’

Gwyneth follows a macrobiotic diet, mainly consisting of whole grains, nuts,seeds, fruit and vegetables.

However, she does have a treat once in a while.

She said: ‘I’m not as stringent as I was in the past. Now I’ll have cheese once in a while or white flour, but I still believe in whole grains and no sugar.’

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