Actress was unhappy in the relationship

Gwyneth Paltrow has revealed that she once dated a drug user.

The actress, 37, says she wasn’t happy in the relationship.

‘When I was much younger I was involved with somebody who was into drugs,’ says Gwyn.

‘It became that I was obsessed with “Why isn’t this person showing up?”‘

Gwyneth did her best to help the unidentified former lover.

‘Even though I was raised by people who really loved me and made me feel good about myself, I still got caught into the thing of, what’s wrong with me?’ she tells The Sun.

‘Why isn’t this turning out the way it should?’

Gwyneth married Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, 33, in 2003.

They are parents to Apple, 5, and Moses, 4.

Johanna Kamradt