The Coldplay frontman reportedly fell for J-Law 'because her laid-back style is the polar opposite of wife Gwyneth Paltrow.’ How else do the Hollywood stars compare?

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin is rumoured to have quietly been dating Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence for the past few weeks.

Seriously, could he have chosen anyone MORE different to his ex, and mum of two of his kids, Gwyneth Paltrow?

Apparently Chris, 37, fell for J-Law, 24, because she’s so ‘laid-back’ – just a teeny bit different to his consciously uncoupled wife Gwynnie, 41, then.

Here we analyse the two leading ladies’ differences…

JEN: ‘If anybody even tries to whisper the word “diet”, I’m like, “You can go f**k yourself.”‘
GWYN: ‘During the strict macrobiotic chapter of my life, I ate miso soup every day for breakfast and sometimes with dinner as well.’

If there are two things Gwyneth Paltrow is famous for, it’s movies and raw food. The Iron Man actress has written two cookery books and once said she’d ‘rather smoke crack’ than eat cheese out of a tin.
Jennifer Lawrence, meanwhile, has raved about her love of Cheetos and pizza and says things like, ‘food is one of my favourite parts of the day.’


anigif-enhanced-buzz-22904-1368220703-1.JEN: ‘You guys are just standing up because you feel bad.’
GWYN: ‘I would not have been able to play this role if I had not understood love of a tremendous magnitude and for that I thank my family’.’

Gwyneth cried throughout her ENTIRE two-and-a-half-minute Oscars award speech in 1999 when she won the Best Actress gong for Shakespeare In Love. She thanked almost everyone in the room and described one friend as an ‘earthly guardian angel’.
After tripping on the stairs, J-Law scooped up her Dior gown before scooping up her Oscar in 2013 for Silver Linings Playbook. ‘This is nuts!’ she proclaimed.

JEN: ‘I hate saying, “I like exercising.” I want to punch people who say that in the face.’
GWYN: ‘It’s not luck, it’s not good genes. It’s killing myself for an hour and a half five days a week.’

Gwyn’s rocking bod is thanks to her dedication to the Tracy Anderson diet. She has admitted to exercising Monday to Friday at 10am and always sticking with it. It’s part of my life,’ she’s said. Jen, on the other hand, loathes the gym. ‘Nothing can motivate me [to work out],’ she once said. ‘Then X-Men started, and I thought, “Oh definitely, I’ll work out and diet.” But nope. Not me!’

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