New mum is happy with her man, her baby and a round of golf


A new mum to baby daughter Nahla, Halle Berry is feeling fantastic.

She and boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, 32, are thrilled to be parents and Halle is sure the French Canadian model will make a good dad.

‘I just think he’s a wonderful person and I’m happy to have found someone so special,’ she admits.

The pair met on a Versace photo shoot in November 2005.

‘I have someone who is putting a spark in my eye,’ Halle, 41, admitted soon afterwards. ‘I have never been in better physical and emotional shape.’

Halle was careful not to put on too much weight when she fell pregnant last year.

‘I’m diabetic, so it’s really important for me to do that to stay healthy, anyway,’ she explains. And she has developed a passion for a surprising sport.

‘I’ve recently started playing golf,’ she tells Now. ‘I don’t regard it as an old person’s sport. I believe it’s had a bad rap, but lots of young people are starting to get into it now. I think Tiger Woods really helped change the sport’s image.’

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