Actress has fun in her X-Men costume

Halle Berry, 40, is dating Canadian model Gabriel Aubry and has revealed that she likes to dress up in skin-tight outfit she wore as Storm in the film X-Men – to make things exciting in the bedroom.

‘Yeah, I wear the rubber suit sometimes,’ she says. ‘You have to keep your life spiced up. Storm never has sex in the movies – but Storm has a lot of sex at my house.’

The Oscar-winning actress is keen to launch her singing career this year and has just finished working on her self-titled debut album Halle.

‘I’ve always loved to sing and this album will show people that I can do more than act,’ she tells Ebony magazine.

Halle has reportedly recorded tracks with hip hop star Timbaland and Ray star Jamie Foxx – who begged Halle for a date this summer.

‘Halle is so beautiful,’ he said. ‘She is the only actress I’ve ever met who looks even better in the flesh than onscreen. She is close to amazing and I don’t care if she knows what I think. My approach is always to be direct.’