The real reason behind her marriage breakdown

Heartbroken Ricky Groves has been quick to lay the blame for his split from Hannah Waterman after 10 years together on her radical diet. But the truth he’s hiding is that the diet wasn’t anything to do with the break-up.

Hannah and Ricky had been together for a long time even though they were only married for three years,’ a friend tells Now.

‘She desperately wanted 
a family and they’d been trying for a baby, but it just didn’t happen. Hannah felt that Ricky wasn’t supportive enough. 

‘She fell out of love with him about a year ago. Hannah was very hurt that Ricky‘s talked so much about their marriage breakdown, especially as the reasons he gave don’t represent the full picture in her view.’

She’s been very vocal herself about her desire for children, publicly declaring: ‘I work to live, not live to work and we did get married for a reason – to have children one day.’

Hannah, 35, went from 10st 4lb to 7st 8lb in five months, prompting Ricky to say: ‘Our marriage was the price.’

He blamed his wife’s newfound confidence for the rows that eventually tore them apart, adding: ‘I wish she’d go back to being my Hannah. The girl I met is not the girl we see now.’

But Ricky, 41, did shed some light on the real reason for 
the split, admitting that he hadn’t been supportive enough of her desire to get pregnant, and now wishes he’d done things differently. ‘I was scared,’ he said.

According to one of Hannah‘s friends: ‘She wanted to get healthier and out of the rut she was in.

‘She’d been unhappy with the way things were for a while and hoped that if they were both fitter, they might be in better shape to conceive, especially as neither of them was getting any younger.

‘But Ricky seemed determined to stay in that rut and she felt she was running out of time.’

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