It's been 21 years since Friends graced our screens, so we look back at some of the comedy's best and funniest moments to celebrate the anniversary


Is your job a joke? Are you broke? If your love life’s D.O.A? Yeah, us too.

But never fear! Our favourite Friends are here for us – as they have done for the past 21 years!

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Yes that’s right, it’s been 21 whole years since Friends hit our screens back in 1994, and bestowed upon us the gift of 10 series of laughter and a whole load of killer one-liners for us to quote forevermore.

Yes, we do feel old. Yes, we do miss Friends a stupid amount. Yes, we are going to share with you our 21 favourite moments from our fave six friends…

1.) Helium karaoke

When there’s helium balloons nearby, we just can’t help ourselves to make ourselves sound a bit silly – and we’re not the only ones! Who knew Chandler Bing was such a superstar diva?

2.) Rachel’s workplace crush

When Rachel starting getting a crush on her assistant Tag, she basically expressed how we feel EXACTLY, every time we see someone fit on the tube. Which is everyday…

3.) Smelly Cat

Friends wouldn’t be Friends without Phoebe crooning about a stinky feline at Central Park.

4.) Sofa struggles

The word ‘pivot’ never meant quite the same to us ever again, ever since Ross tried to move his sofa into his flat himself.

5.) Trifle terror

As much as we love Rachel and her stylish ways, we definitely do not want to be dining on a dish made up of minced meat, lady fingers, peas and whipped cream. We’ll stick to the coffee thanks.


Hours playing on an arcade game may have given him ‘The Claw’, but we still think we could beat Chandler’s top score on Ms. Pac Man!

7.) Lazy boys in Laz-e-boys

A bond between a man and his sofa has never been so strong.

8.) Jazzy Mike

When Mike tried to convince Pheobe to go on a date with him, and did so but wiggling his bum and playing an imaginary keyboard. We’d definitely go out with him – just saying…

9.) Professor Gellar

We proabably would have paid a lot more attention in lectures if they were as entertaining as this!

10.) Advertising genius

Just one of the many gem that Chandler bought into the world when he went into the world of advertising. We’d definitely be sold on his products.

11.) Dancing queen

We don’t think we’ve ever seen anyone happier than when fat Monica danced around her living room while chomping on a doughnut. Living the life girl.

12.) Japanese secret

Who knew blue lipstick looked so good on men?

13.) Magic number

Monica taught men around the world a thing or two when it came to pleasing their girlfriends. You can thank her later.

 14.) Tanning fail

We thought our fake tan streaks were bad, but they’re nothnig compared to Ross’ ying-and-yang disaster. Who knew counting mississippi-ly could have such consequences?!

15.) Spelling bee

We’re only spelling our names like this from now on – so much more fun!

16.) Salmon skin roll

Martial arts move or a type of sushi? Who knows – we just love saying the word!

17.) Festive feeding

If you thought getting into your sweatpants before a big meal was pretty extreme, that’s NOTHING compared to Joey getting into some maternity pants for Thanksgiving. Respect.

18.) I’M FINE!

You know when people ask you what’s wrong and you say nothing, even though something serisouly IS wrong? Yep. This is like that, but ten times worse and with added Margaritas.

 19.) Turkey dance

If dancing with your head up a turkey’s backside with oversized sungalsses and a fez hat on isn’t a sign of true love, then we don’t know what is.

20.) Happy ending

“SHE GOT OFF THE PLANE” – we all screamed at the TV. Cue the tears.

21.) They’ll be there for you

Not much brings us much more joy in this world than when we hear this theme song and do the obligatory claps in the middle.

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