Author of the Harry Potter book series J.K.Rowling turns 50 today

We love a birthday here at Now HQ – there’s chocolate caterpillar cake, party rings and pass the parcel to be had – but also, we get to look at some amazing things that some amazing people have done in their time.

And today, we’re saying ‘hip-hip-hooray!’ to J.K.Rowling for her 50th birthday!

Now, not only are we forever indebted to Jo for bringing the magical witches and wizards of the Harry Potter universe into our lives, but she’s also quite the sassy queen of Twitter.

Stars who have appeared in the film adaptation series of the books have been out in force to wish the author a happy birthday for her big 5-0, including our favourite ginger Rupert Grint, Evanna Lynch who played quirky Luna Lovegood (whose glasses we still want), and Robbie Coltrane, who played the gentle giant that was Hagrid, who jokingly asked the author for a cheeky favor in TIME magazine:

‘Perhaps you could celebrate your half century by writing a hilarious film. Perhaps, starring, I don’t know, a large Scottish man.’

Who needs a birthday card from Clintons when you’ve got social media eh?

Not content with being an wonderful wordsmith on paper, she’s also got a humorous way with words when it comes to Twitter, so here are five times our favourite fifty-year-old author ruled Twitter like the Queen she is!

1.) Age is nothing by a number

Even when you’re a globally loved and internationally successful author, you still feel a bit hot under the collar at the prospect of getting older – and it’s not from the ever growing number of candles you have to blow out on your cake.

2.) Naked truth

While we all love seeing how  Matthew Lewis, Neville Longbottom-ed his way into being a total hottie, but we can imagine that for J.K. Rowling, this must be a bit like seeing your son stripping off down to his pants and flaunting his abs to the world. Bit awkward.

3.) Q&A [24 march]

Jo loves her fans and much as they love her, so she’s always interacting with them and any questions about her books or the Potter world that they’re itching to know about. She’s always on hand to serve up some answers, with a side of sass – no matter how ridiculous they may be, like asking how a reader didn’t think Dumbledore LOOKED gay…

4.) Serena grand-slam

When Twitter trolls commented on Wimbledon Wonder Woman Serena Williams looked ‘like a man’, J.K was quickly on it to point out how inappropriate and silly of a comment that was, in the best way possible as well of course.

5.) Words of wisdom
Can someone get Jo a column as an Agony Aunt please? Because judging by some of the advice she’s given out to the Twittesphere, we feel like she could solve any dilemma or disaster in our life.
She’s a tour guide to tell you all the internet has to offer, and direct you where to get any erm, supplements you may need in your life…

Her guide to life is pretty ideal, but she won’t advise any further until getting all the information she needs, that would just be irresponsible…

And most importantly, she reminds us to stay true to ourselves, no matter what.

Happy Birhday J.K. Rowling! Hope you’ve had a magical day!

Imagine if all films were based around Harry Potter…

Amy Lo