As Celebrity Juice turns 7 years old, Keith Lemon and Fearne Cotton both take to social media to celebrate the event

Oh Celebrity Juice, where would we be without you and your silly games and ridiculous antics to make us laugh oh-so-much.

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While Keith Lemon took to Twitter to share a proper throwback pic to the first day of filming  with Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby, that they had seven years ago. And guess what? He’s still wearing the exact same, shimmering, silver suit all these years later. Of course.

Fearne also took to social media to commemorate the big birthday by posting some moments from the show, including her photocopying her boobs. And we thought that only happened at office Christmas parties!

So while Keith and the gang reminisce about the LOLs over the past seven years on Celeb Juice, we look back at seven of the funniest moments that had us rolling around on the floor in stitches.

1.) Let’s get ready to fumble

One of our all-time favourite moments EVER. When Keith re-worked PJ & Duncan classic from the 90s, Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble, into a game of Let’s get ready to fumble, little did Ant and Dec know what they were letting themselves in for. TV’s sweetest and cheekiest duo came face to face with a couple of cheeky cheeks themselves. We’ve got tears down our face!

2.) The Moob

Phillip Schofield finally felt how tense he makes contestants feel when they enter The Cube when he had to take part in Celebrity Juice’s very own game show, The Moob. Actually, with a box of eggs dressed as Phil Mitchell strapped inbetween his legs, probably not as tense…

3.) Lemon locks lips

Although we might think about snogging Olly Murs’ cheeky face off on a regular basis, we didn’t think that Keith Lemon had this desire too.

4.) Flack for Flack

Remember when Caroline Flack and Harry Styles had that thing together? Yeah, well, Keith wasn’t going to let her forget about it either anytime soon and gave her plenty of flack and banter about it. Cue a red-faced Caz.

5.) Wright impression

When Keith got Corrie babe Michelle Keegan to run some lines with him, he thought it was only polite to try and appear as much like her other half Mark Wright as he could. Unfortunately, it was less Mark Wright and more Mark Wrong with the faces he was pulling!

6.) Dyer acting

If there was any doubts that Keith’s acting skill weren’t quite up to scratch as he did his best Mark Wright impression, then never fear! Danny Dyer gave him a acting class in becoming a hard man like him.

7.) Loads of LOLS

Sometimes, nothing makes us laugh more than seeing someone else in hysterics. And this woman in stitches in the audience is just basically us every time we watch the show.

The 7th anniversary of Celebrity Juice will be on tonight on ITV2 at 10pm.

Happy Birthday Celebrity Juice! Here’s to seven more years of larks and japes you silly ol’ sausages.

Amy Lo