One Direction singer Harry Styles is finally 21 years old. Champagne at the ready!

One Direction singer Harry Styles turned the big 2- 1 on Sunday. Congrats Hazza!

Although we’re still shocked that global superstar Harry is only just legal to drink alcohol and gamble in the United States, we thought it was only fitting to remind ourselves of his incredible-ness.

So, here are 17 reasons why we heart the pop star:

THAT hair

Harry‘s floppy mop of brown strands are just beau-ti-ful. In fact, Harry‘s tresses are so popular, they’ve even got their own unofficial Twitter account…

 Even Harry is prone to a bad hair day though….

Always up for a selfie

Fame certainly hasn’t gone to Harry‘s head; he regularly poses for selfies with fans. Cute.


Gorgeous smile

When Harry smiles, we melt.

He has more famous friends than we’ve had hot dinners…

OK, maybe that’s not true, unless you’re a cold salad and sarnie kinda gal. But still, Harry has hung out with the likes of Ed SheeranDavid BeckhamJames CordenRihanna, Rita OraNick GrimshawPixie GeldofKate Middleton and of course, Simon Cowell. Phew.


He buys his coffee from Starbucks. Just like us. *Mini fist-pump*


He pulls off skinnies, perfectly

Not many men look hot in skinny jeans. Harry does though. Paired with his infamous camel-coloured boots, this Brit star puts the style in Styles.


Harry’s hot tatts

Whether you’re a fan of tattoos or not, Harry‘s inkings are pretty fit. From his underarm birdcage tattoo to the two swallows etched onto his chest, we love em’ all!

Bags of talent

Well, he IS one fifth of the world’s biggest boyband, One Direction. Harry can sing, dance AND entertain mammoth crowds of adorning fans.

Harry likes animals!

Harry AND cute animals? Winner, winner! 


He gives food to the paps!

Harry reportedly asked a member of the paparazzi if he was hungry, before giving him a burger. How thoughtful.

Harry is FUN

He’s not one of those diva stars who thinks he’s too cool for school. Nah, Harry always looks like he’s having a laugh. We just wish he was part of our crew…

His heart is BIG

Harry‘s not just a pretty face y’no?! Along with his buddy Ed Sheeran, Harry spent £3000 on pizzas and delivered them to homeless people in Los Angeles.

Hot bod?

Ok, Harry‘s not renowned for a Beckham-style bod but he’s certainly had us drooling a little. We love a man who isn’t obsessed with six-packs and huge ‘guns’. Swoon.



Although we were a touch envious of Taylor Swift at the time (OK, we were screaming with rage but sssssh), Hazza and Tay made THE cutest couple. Plus, we just love reading about their ‘are they/aren’t they’ relationship. Easily pleased…


Y’see, if we were to date Harry, we’d never feel ashamed of rocking our comfies as Mr styles actually owns this pair of very un cool Lego slippers.


Family fella

He’s so close to big sister Gemma, Harry actually has two tattoos dedicated to her. Sweet!


Obviously we could go on but we reckon it’s time to pop the champers! Happy birthday Harry!

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