To celebrate YouTuber and vlogger Joe Sugg's 24th birthday, we look at some of his best and funniest moments to celebrate

Do you love to while away the hours watching Zoe Sugg talking about her latest haul from Topshop, laugh until you snort listening to Tyler Oakley‘s Q&Slays or get your smokey eye make-up look down watching Tanya Burr?

Yes. Us too.

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And one of our fave YouTubers that we’ve got in our subscription box is Zoella’s lil’ bro – Joe Sugg.

The former roof thatcher is amazing enough as he is – he’s a comedy genius, is the cheekiest of all the chappies, and well, is a little bit easy on the eye too. Just a tad.

And to make matters even better, it’s only Joe’s 24th birthday as well today! We’ve got party hats and musical chairs at. the. ready. Cheers to you ol’ boy.

So, to celebrate, here’s 7 of Thathcher Joe’s best moments – ready?

1.)When he had a wardrobe malfunction

The more skin this guy shows the better in our books, so we’re not complaining that he forgot about the mirror situation in his bathroom. Damn you pixels.

2.) When he does spot-on impressions

Mini Sugg never  fails to make us laugh. From wrapping himself up in bubblewrap to his scarily accurate impression of Jay-Z.

3.) When he was part of the YouTube boyband

We love a boyband here in Now HQ. So when the world of group dance routines and YouTube unite, we’re not quite sure how to react while our heart reverts back to fluttering like when we were teens.

4.) Every prank he does with Caspar Lee

What’s better than one handsome guy who can make us roll around with laughter? TWO boys who live together and act like a pair of cheeky monkeys, that’s what.

5.) When he taught us how to thatch a roof

Way before his days of editing and posting videos, Joe was up thatching away to create fairytale-esque rooftops. We love a man who’s good with his hands.

6.) When his DVD broke records

When he and roommate Caspar Lee announced that they were releasing a DVD of their road trip around Europe, we of course went straight to Amazon to pre-order it. And we weren’t the only ones! As Joe and Caspar Hit the Road broke records for the quickest pre-orders to reach 1 million. Congrats boys!

7.) Every time he woke up like this

We mean, there’s no explanation needed really is there. Keep doing what you’re doing Joe.

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