The Love Island star admits she’s been ‘kissing mystery boys’...

20-year-old Harley Brash announced her split from Chris Taylor, 28, on Instagram earlier this month, writing: ‘Hey guys. I’m going to make this short and sweet but I’m so sad to say me and Chris have decided to go our separate ways. We made this decision yesterday evening and I wish him every bit of luck in the world.’


Chris confirmed that the pair had become the first of this year’s Love Island couples to separate, adding: ‘Both of us have been very busy with separate opportunities and haven’t had enough quality time for each other.’

Now Harley has had her say: ‘We were just better off as friends,’ she told Fubar Radio. ‘We had such busy schedules and we both realised that it was better to break it off now and we could still be friends.’

Fans suggested the writing might be on the wall for the couple several weeks ago, when they sat apart at the Love Island final, but Harley insists everything was rosy at the time.

‘That wasn’t anything to do with us,’ she explains. ‘We got made a seating plan and poor Callum was in the middle of us. We swapped and they were like, no, no, back to the other side. There was no fall out, no nothing. We spent the whole night together.’

But with Harley already ‘kissing mystery boys’, it sounds like the couple’s decision to split was for the best. ‘I’m happy being single at the moment,’ she confirms. ‘I’m just enjoying myself. I don’t kiss and tell but it is nice.’

And even if she didn’t find true love on the Island, Harley says she did find some true friends. Opening up about her relationships with her fellow ex-Islanders, she revealed: ‘Everyone has got everyone’s back and best interests at heart. It is like a little family.’