The doors of Hogwarts' Great Hall from Harry Potter are being thrown open for a special dinner this Christmas - and we really hope THIS is what goes down on the night...

Santa has an extra-special Christmas present for Harry Potter fans this year, as they now have the chance to enjoy Christmas dinner in Hogwarts’ famous rand

reat Hall!

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Well, when we say Santa, what we really mean is the brilliant people behind the Warner Bros Studio Tour London, who are set to host the extravagant event at the actual Great Hall film set on 3rd December.

After being greeted with drinks and canapés, guests will be treated to a lavish festive meal surrounded by props from the famous films.

And after dinner, they’ll be given the chance to explore the Studio Tour, enjoy a selection of desserts on Platform 9 ¾ alongside the original Hogwarts Express, and drink Butterbeer in the backlot cafe.

The night will end with music, dancing – and, no doubt, some pretty happy Potter fans.

But what else can we expect from the magical evening? Here’s five things we *really* hope happen on the night (but probably won’t)…

1. Harry, Ron and Hermione rock up and get tipsy on butterbeer

They may have only been knee-high to a grasshopper when they first found fame, but given that the stars of the Harry Potter film series – Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson – are all now proper grown ups (26, 27 and 25 respectively), we’d love to see them at the dinner table getting merry on butterbeer and eventually ending the night with a round of Never Have I Ever.

2. The sorting hat gets whipped during dinner..

…so that we can FINALLY discover which Hogwarts house we belong to. Although, obviously we already know. We’re so clearly Gryffindor material.

3. Her Royal Potterness graces the crowd with her presence

We’re hoping and a’wishing that JK Rowling herself comes along and sits down for a glass of wine or three with us. Because, given how sharp-witted she is on Twitter, just IMAGINE how much fun she would be as a dinner party guest.

4. Guests are encouraged to partake in a friendly, post-dinner game of Quidditch

Forget dancing – you grab the broomsticks, we’ll grab the Golden Snitch.

5. The complimentary wands will *actually* work

Yes, that’s right – each guest will be gifted with their very own wand. But for them to actually work? Well, that would probably take a Christmas miracle…

Tickets to Dinner in the Great Hall cost £230. For more info, visit

 Stephanie Wood