With #HarryPotterAMovie trending, we look through the best and most bizarre film reinventions that fans have suggested on Twitter


Now, we’re gonna put a CRAZY idea out there, but hear us out. Imagine if the whole world was the world of Harry Potter…we know, we know – amazing right?!

Not only would we get to hang out with Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, but we’d be able to use a love potion on Ryan Gosling, we’d have stylish house scarves to keep us warm in the winter and just THINK about the feasts you’d be able to have in the Great Hall!

Right, we’re getting carried away now, but this would also mean that all films would be about the wizard world, and some fans seem to love Harry Potter just as much as we do, and have taken the trending hashtag #HarryPotterAMovie and really gone run with it. We mean, the results are just magical. So much so that some have even photoshopped some mock-up posters (which we’re definitely going to print out and stick on our wall btw)

Some suggestions are pretty obivious but still oh-so-punny…

Others have reinvented the classics…

And even in a magical world, there are those times when you just NEED to laugh with the help of a comedy…

Sometimes, things get a bit deep….

And then, there’s our personal favourite…

Just think – instead of the canteen being filled with tables such as the plastics, the band geeks and cool Asians, there’d be the Hufflepuffs, the Quidditch queens and those who read tea leaves behind the bike broom shed.

We’re just gonna stay living in this magical world we think!

THIS is how much the Harry Potter cast have changed!

Amy Lo