Fans of Harry Potter are leaving emotional notes inside the pages of JK Rowling's books, revealing the joy and hope the fictional wizard has brought to their lives

Harry Potter fans have always been a pretty passionate bunch, and now they’re showing just how much their fictional hero means to them thanks to new social media phenomenon #PotterItForward.

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Started by the Harry Potter website, the phenomenon has seen hundreds of the wizard’s fans leaving emotional notes between the pages of the best-selling books for future readers to discover.

The handwritten tributes detail their love for JK Rowling’s famous characters, and explain what a difference the books have made to their lives – as snaps uploaded to social media sites show.

Some fans wrote of the joy that Harry and his spell-casting crew had brought them, whilst others claimed the books had saved them when life got hard.

One note reads: ‘The world of Harry Potter saved me during my darkest hours. Use this to escape reality and let your imagination run free. Never forget that you are amazing.’

Another fan wrote: ‘This book helped me when no-one else could or would. It gave me hope that, no matter how bad things get, life will always get better. This book probably saved my life. Remember, you are amazing.’

Whilst another took the opportunity to share the life lessons that are waiting to be learned within the pages of the best-selling books, writing: ‘You’ll learn about love and the meaning of friendship. But most importantly, you’ll learn to believe in yourself. Remember you can conquer anything because the magic lies within you.’

Elsewhere, another fan spoke of her love for the book’s main characters: ‘Harry, Ron, Hermione and Hogwarts were my best friends growing up. If you ever need someone to listen to, always know that they will be there to welcome you home and take you on an adventure. Enjoy the magic!’

Check out a selection of the best #PotterItForward notes in the gallery above!