As One Direction perform at the Apple Music Festival, Harry Styles keeps on eye on his sister who's on a date at the gig


Being taken to a One Direction gig is a pretty good date. Not only are you getting to spend time with that special someone that you fancy the pants off and you hope fancies the pants off you. But you also get to watch a bunch of guys perform that you fancy the pants off too. Win-win! Right?

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Well, maybe not when you’re 21-year-old Harry Styles‘ sister that is.

Slightly more awkward.

As the four boys sang their hearts out at the Camden Roundhouse for the Apple Music Festival, Harry decided to make a bit of an announcement as an overprotective brother. All the while wearing a rather fetching polka dot pink shirt by the way.

Apologising for if he seems distracted, Hazza said he was trying to keep a look out for his sister Gemma. And told them to BEHAVE.

You’ve been warned Gemma Styles.

Now we can’t work out if having Harry as your brother is a help of a hindrance to your love life!

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 Amy Lo