'Don't go to SeaWorld,' One Direction's Harry Styles urged his fans - and Directioners have responded in their droves

It’s no secret that the One Direction boys like to speak out about causes close to their hearts.

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Just two months ago they launched #Action1D to shine a spotlight on key issues, and earlier this month baby daddy-to-be Louis Tomlinson donated £2 million to a children’s charity.

And now Harry Styles has put his considerable celebrity to work by apparently causing a mass boycott of SeaWorld with just a single comment.

New figures show that the negative commentary surrounding the controversial organisation hit an all-time high after Harry spoke out against their water parks.

During a gig in San Diego in July, Harry asked the audience: ‘Does anybody like dolphins?’

When the crowd screamed in positive response, the star told them: ‘Don’t go to SeaWorld.’

And, naturally, Directioners have paid heed to their beloved one’s orders.

Immediately after Harry made the remark, the number of social media mentions of SeaWorld grew from approximately 500,000 to around 2,500,000, according to research by investment bank Credit Suisse.

And the percentage of negative comments increased from around 25 per cent to 85 per cent too.

Meanwhile, August saw SeaWorld report an 84 per cent drop in earnings during the second quarter of 2015, compared to the same period last year, along with a two per cent drop in visitor numbers.

Harry’s comments even prompted a bigger reaction than 2013 movie Blackfish, a documentary following the controversial captivity of killer whales, which heaped criticism on SeaWorld for its treatment of the magnificent creatures.

The curly-haired star’s comments won praise from animal rights organisation Peta too, along with fellow celebrities including Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams.

Check out Harry urging his fans to boycott SeaWorld in the video below…

Stephanie Wood