Bird uses model's face as a target

Cara Delevingne might have recently compared herself to Dr Dolittle, but it seems talking to the animals isn’t going so well for her.

Uploading pictures of herself to Instagram, the 20-year-old revealed that bird poo had fallen on her face.

Cara looks less than impressed with the incident in the snaps.

They show the model screaming and then grimacing as faeces drips down her face.

I can’t believe a bird actually sh*t on my head!! Ahhh!,‘ she posted.

Meeehhhh!! Well at least it’s good luck.

Cara had managed to stay poop-free when she was working with owls earlier in the week.

She shared a happy photo of herself with a feathered friend.

I am Dr Do-owlittle… Look into my owls!!‘ she wrote.

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