Caroline had a 'faintly disturbing' boobs problem

Caroline Flack has revealed that she only had one boob when she was younger.

The Xtra Factor presenter says she was forced to stuff her bra with tissue to cover up her embarrassing problem.

When I was growing up I only had one boob,’ says Caroline, 33.

It was fairly disturbing as I was the only one who knew and I used to stuff the other side of my bra with tissue.

It wasn’t until one day when it just got too lopsided that I ran down to the kitchen where my mum was making carbonara and shouted out in despair, “I’ve only got one boob”.’

Mum sat me down and told me it was totally normal.’

Caroline was relieved to eventually grow another breast.

Weirdly, within a couple of months, I grew a second boob and all was ok,’ she writes in Dawn Porter‘s new book The Booby Trap And Other Bits And Boobs, which will help raise funds for a breast cancer charity.

You can rest assured now that I have two fully functioning boobs!’

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