Clean-living star didn't drink until she was 21

Whilst her love life comes under frequent scrutiny in the press, Taylor Swift has always made an effort not to be seen as a party girl.

The singer – who recently had a much-publicised relationship with One Direction’s Harry Styles – admits she’s always behaved herself and didn’t drink until she was 21, the legal age in the US.

It was a big goal of mine as a teenager never to get labelled as a train wreck or a mess,’ says Taylor, 23.

Or a party girl, stumbling out of clubs with random people I don’t know… And I think, in an effort not to go off the rails, I did just that – I behaved myself.’

The sensible star’s hobbies and interests are also distinctly level-headed.

I go into a trance when I’m in an antiques store,’ Taylor tells The Times Magazine.

[Regarding money] I really do want to be able to have options when I’m older, and to save my money and invest it correctly.’

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Anna Francis