How dare someone try to mess up the beautiful face of Harry Styles? We're with you Mrs Styles - THINK, One Direction fans. Think!

Oh Harry Styles. There’s something about him isn’t there? The hair, his moves, the voice – THAT face!

And on the subject of that beautiful face, we were shocked when it got a drinks can went smack bang in Hazza’s chops while One Direction were performing in Philadelphia.

And it turns out we weren’t the only one’s not so happy about is.

His mum wasn’t either!

Harry, was midway through the gig when a fan lobbed what was apparently a can of Red Bull at the stage and it hit him right in the face.


The star was clearly taken aback by the hit poor boy. He slightly stumbling on his feet as he held his face, with fans at the gig reporting that he continued to feel at his face to check if it was bleeding, which gives a pretty solid indication about how much it must have hurt. We’ll kiss it better, Haz!? 

The full wallop of said can was captured on video, the boys’ legions of followers have been left seriously unimpressed by the antics, bringing it to the attention of the 21-year-old star’s lovely mum, Anne, who took to her own Twitter account to urge 1D fans to stop throwing things on stage.

Retweeting a video of the impact, Anne added:

She also said:

We couldn’t agree more Anne. Even having a ball thrown in your face while playing sport is pretty harsh too though…

Equally, the fans were just as mad that THAT face could have been jeopardised!

Aww, these One Direction fans really go above and beyond for the boys don’t they!

Harry’s been prone to a few injuries during the 1D tour – he’s fallen over a few times after getting totally into the tunes and has been hit in the baby maker which lead to him collapsing on stage.

Let’s shower them in love instead, shall we?

Lydia Southern