Pictures of One Direction star Harry Styles and on-off girlfriend Kendall Jenner were allegedly stolen from his mum's iCloud account

Harry Styles is the latest celebrity to fall victim to hacking after more than 30 private photos of the One Direction star surfaced online.

The leaked snaps – which went viral on Twitter over the weekend – include several intimate snaps of Harry and on-off girlfriend Kendall Jenner.

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The photos were reportedly stolen from the iCloud account of Harry’s mum, Anne Cox, and the 1D mama has now deleted her Twitter account and set her Instagram account to private in the wake of the hack.


The images were allegedly shared by Twitter user @haaarystyles, whose account has now been suspended.

On sharing the images, the alleged hacker posted: “IF I GO TO JAIL I DID THIS FOR ALL THE HARRY STANS WHO DON’T GET S*** FROM HARRY”.

And, despite posting more than 30 images, the user claimed to have over 500 snaps saved on their computer.

Predictably, the One Direction fandom have reacted with shock and outrage at the apparent hack, urging one another not to look at or retweet the images out of respect for Harry and Anne.

#RespectHarry #RespectAnne It’s not fair to hack Annes iCloud… Shame on the person who did that!’ one wrote.

Another added: ‘If there is ANYONE who doesn’t deserve their privacy violated its @MrsAnneTwist . She is nothing but good to us. A mom to us all.’

A third posted: ‘I am not posting any of the pictures of Harry because they were stolen from @MrsAnneTwist icloud. It’s an invasion of privacy.’