See how the One Direction singer's mane has changed

Harry Styleshair is rather famous.

His glossy chocolate curls helped the singer build up a huge fan base when he appeared on The X Factor with One Direction back in 2010.

We love Harry Styleshair so much that we’ve decided to create a gallery dedicated to his luscious locks, documenting his best ‘dos.

As the first picture shows, Harry hasn’t always had a brown barnet.

The chart-topping singer was in fact sporting a rather sweet golden bowl-style cut as a toddler.

His mane stays light and straight as he enjoys life as a pupil at Hermitage Primary School in Holmes Chapel.

Harry looks utterly adorable with short blonde spikes as he poses for a photograph in his blue and white uniform.  

As a teenager, Harry’s mane darkens and changes in texture.

In 2010 and a member of new boy band One Direction, Harry goes for a relaxed voluminous style. By 2011, Harry’s locks are noticeably longer.

During an appearance on This Morning in February 2012, Harry’s hair is so thick that he introduces a side-sweep to help keep it under control.

2013 sees Harry starting to get a little more experimental.

He goes for a sleek brushed-back quiff for a red carpet appearance in January and in December, Harry performs a gig rocking a Mick Jagger-inspired bandana.
A dangly earring only adds to his new rocker look.

Harry Styleshair has grown so much by February 2014 that he’s able to pull his top layers back into a bun. He’s snapped with the style while running errands in a low-key ensemble.

His love for headbands makes a comeback that March at the launch of One Direction hair stylist’s new book The Craft and again in September.

October sees Harry’s quirkiest hairstyle yet – he allows Lou to secure his strands in an intricate braid.