As One Direction play their 4th night at The O2 in London, Harry Styles tells friends and family to get up and dance

We all love a bit of One Direction. We can’t stop singing along to their songs, bopping along to Best Song Ever and dammit we can’t even stop our inappropriate crushes on them.

Well, we thought loving those four cheeky chappys was a universal thing, but it seems like being friends and family of the boys.

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While One Direction near the end of their On The Road Again tour, while performing at their fourth night at the O2 arena in London, the usually lovely and cute-as-a-button Harry Styles was a bit miffed that their very own friends and family weren’t up on their feet and going mad like the rest of the crowd.

Pointing out the big ol’ F&F section sat together, ol’ Hazza got the crowd to boo them before demanding them to get their bottoms off their seats. Especially Liam Payne’s mama: ‘I’m talking to you Karen Payne. We know you can shake it.’

He goes on to thank the fans for all their support, before realising that Mama Payne has sat back down again, and he goes all Hulk on her and tells her just what for.


That’s our new favourite thing – someone get us that on a t-shirt please? We don’t care that we’re not even called Karen.

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Amy Lo